American Journal of Education

Maatta, K. and Mucherah, W. and Clark, C. F. and Shepherd, D. and Hira, S. N. and Chien-Heng, L. and Gonzalez, O. and Gavrilova, L. and Porubec, D. and Hanzek, B. and Kashaba, O. and Upatova, I. and Trifanina, L and Safonchyk, O. and Portnova, T. V. and Nemchenko, S. and Starokogko, O. and Kharkivska, A. and Malyhina, Ya. and Bogush, A. and Korolyova, T. and Popova, O. and Bardamov, G. B. and Tsyrempilov., V. B. and Efremova, N. F. and Seninets, M. K. and Samokhval, O. and Kravchuk, L. and Kravchuk, V. and Matviichuk, V. and Savchuk, O. and Sluhenska, R. and Chornetska, Z. and Biduchak, A. and Lytvynuk, N. and Mararash, G. and Sayapina, S. and Rudenko, I. and Tkachenko, K. and Levytska, L. and Efremova, N. and Petrychenko, L. and Bakumenko, O. and Scherbina, I. and Kashaba, O. and Chueshkova, O. and Sukachova, H. and Tavshuns`kiy, O. and Alieksieie, H. (2018) American Journal of Education. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

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Subjects: Філологічні науки
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Divisions: Навчально-науковий інститут іноземних мов
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