Introduction of interactive teaching methods in modern schools

Bilyk, V. (2023) Introduction of interactive teaching methods in modern schools. Інформаційно-комунікаційні технології в освіті, Т. 17 (№ 2). pp. 199-209.

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Modern society puts forward new challenges for education, one of which is training people who are able to express critical opinions, find a way of communication in a new territory, who effectively establish new connections in a fast-moving reality. Intension, activity, independence, creativity, the ability to adapt to rapid changes – these personality traits are becoming the most important at the current stage of developing literature, and their formation requires using new approaches to the process of teaching literacy. Therefore, the purpose of the academic paper is to clarify the development of using innovative, non-standard, as well as critical thinking methods of teaching and learning at modern schools. In the course of the research, the following methods were used and applied, namely: analysis, synthesis, generalization, explanation and qualification of data. By the way, such outstanding modern and foreign scientists as O. Pometun, L. Pyrozhenko, as well as V. Bespalko, V. Monakhova paid particular attention to studying the issue of interactive learning methods and made a significant contribution in this direction. They explain innovations in education as an opportunity for interaction, being in the mode of conversation, dialogue, action. Moreover, their studies show that interactive learning makes it possible to significantly increase the percentage of learning the material, as it affects not only the student’s consciousness but also his feelings. The development of interactive learning elements can be found in the scientific works of V. Sukhomlynskyi, the works of innovative teachers of the 70-80s (V. Shatalov, E. Ilyin, S. Lysenkova, Sh. Amonashvili, etc.), the theory of developmental learning.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: еducation ; the future generation ; modern schools ; the evolution of education ; innovative methods
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