The Ottoman Empire in thepolitical confrontation of the European States (XVIII century): plans and realities

Zemzyulina, N. and Fisun, D. (2021) The Ottoman Empire in thepolitical confrontation of the European States (XVIII century): plans and realities. Одинадцяті Богданівські читання : матеріали Всеукраїнської наукової конференції : збірник наукових праць / редкол. : Ю. П. Присяжнюк (голов. ред.) [та ін.]. pp. 154-158.

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Thus, during the eighteenth century, the main conflicts between European powers were the struggle of England and France for maritime and colonial hegemony, Austria and Prussia - for supremacy in Germany, Russia - for access to the Baltic and Black Seas, which pushed it to clash, above all, with Sweden and the Ottoman Empire. Western powers were alternatively using the Ottoman Empire to their advantage involving it to their international relations and were making the empire an involuntary participant in their mutual quarrels, thus complicating and confusing its foreign relations. The more actively The Ottoman Empire itself was seeking to get engaged in European politics, the deeper it was involved in the struggle of European groups. Although the most far-sighted Turkish statesmen were well aware of the danger of a collision with the empire’s neighbors, trying to avoid it, but at the same time the very logic of the Ottoman Empire’s European policy made conflict inevitable. This was evidenced by the war of the Ottoman Empire against Russia and Austria in 1735-1739, and the Russo-Turkish wars of the second half of the XVIII century. After the conclusion of the Belgrade Peace in 1739 between the Ottoman Empire, on the one hand, and Austria and Russia, on the other, the Ottoman ruling elite reaffirmed its course of active participation in European affairs.

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