Index of sign understanding: semiological analysis of meaning formation

Astapova-Vyazmina, O. I. (2016) Index of sign understanding: semiological analysis of meaning formation. Вісник Черкаського університету. Серія Філософія (№ 2). pp. 71-75.


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ntroduction. The article focuses on considering sign systems (objectless art and Internet) in terms of meaning formation and the possibility of its interpretation in the context of semiological analysis. To solve the problem, we use the methods of logical and synthetic analysis. Characteristics and interpretations of sign systems are often limited to the analysis of syntactic, semantic, pragmatic aspects, allowing to operate with the concepts of “sign”, “interpreter”, “interpretanta”, “sign meaning”; the reasons and conditions having led to the variant of a sign translation are overlooked to some extent. In other words, the question is what has allowed the author to present his text this way not otherwise. The originality of the work. The subject appeared in C. Peirce’s concept assumes the function of an interpreter and creates a new sign world. The offered notion, “the index of sign understanding”, includes the situation of sign expression and representation, as well as the variants of its decoding. The index of sign understanding allows to describe logical constructions of behaviour built by a man and his evaluation of the real world. Conclusions. Creating new semiotic systems, a subject articulates the semantics of the new possible world. Creating sign systems, we create the situation of their application. The meaning of the sign is intertwined into the given conceptual schemes creating the possible ways of their representation, expression, understanding and explanation. It helps to characterize the structure of translation variant of a sign and sign system as a whole, proposed by one or another author.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: sign systems ; semiological analysis ; meaning ; the index of sign understanding ; suprematism
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