Distribution opposition and antisoviet proclamations in Ukrainian village in 1920S

Abrazumova, О. (2018) Distribution opposition and antisoviet proclamations in Ukrainian village in 1920S. Український селянин : збірник наукових праць (№ 19). pp. 113-118.


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The article deals with one of the forms of public-political activity of the Ukrainian peasantry during the NEP period – the spread of opposition and anti-Soviet proclamations. Their appearance and distribution became widely resonant. In the conditions of the formation of a totalitarian Soviet system, a monopoly on the media, constant control and censorship of the entire printed word, unauthorized production of Distribution opposition and anti-Soviet proclamations in Ukrainian village in 1920s.entailed an investigation by the bodies of state political control. The analysis of the distribution of opposition proclamations details the development of political and socio-cultural processes in Ukraine during the NEP period. The purpose of the article is to highlight the analysis of concrete historical material of the distribution of opposition and anti-Soviet letters, leaflets, appeals, proclamations in the Ukrainian village during the NEP period. The spread of opposition proclamations testified to the extraordinary activity of the public opinion of Ukrainian peasants during the 1920s. An analysis of the content of various letters, leaflets and appeals suggests that the reason for their appearance was dissatisfaction with the anti-peasant policy of Soviet power. Their typical content was criticism, appeals, agitation, threats. Some of the letters below were intended to discuss the existing set of social issues. However, the Bolshevik authorities did not want to listen to the opinion of the community, which led to a critical exacerbation of relations between the state and the peasantry in the late 1920s.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: public-political activity ; Ukrainian peasantry ; oppositional sentiments, proclamations ; NEP
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