Analytical modeling of reservoir effect on electromigration in Cu interconnects

Gan, Z. and Gusak, A. M. and Shao, W. and Chen, Z. and Mhaisalkar, S.G. and Zaporozhets, T. and Tu, K. N. (2007) Analytical modeling of reservoir effect on electromigration in Cu interconnects. Journal of Materials Research, Т. 22 (№ 1). pp. 152-158.


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Electromigration (EM) in Cu dual-damascene interconnects with extensions (also described as overhangs or reservoirs) ranging from 0 to 120 nm in the upper metal (M2) was investigated by an analytical model considering the work of electron wind and surface/interface energy. It was found that there exists a critical extension length beyond which increasing extension lengths ceases to prolong electromigration lifetimes. The critical extension length is a function of void size and electrical field gradient. The analytical model agrees very well with existing experimental results. Some design guidelines for electromigration-resistant circuits could be generated by the model.

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