Elementary model of severe plastic deformation by KoBo process

Gusak, A. M. and Danielewski, M. and Korbel, A. and Storozhuk, N. V. (2014) Elementary model of severe plastic deformation by KoBo process. Journal of Applied Physics (№ 115). pp. 1-5.

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Self-consistent model of generat ion, interact ion, and annihilation of poi nt defects in the gradient of oscillating stresses is pr esented. This model describes the recently suggested metho d of severe plastic deformation by combi nation of pressure and oscillating rotations of the die along the billet axis (KoBo process). Model provi des the existence of distinct zone of reduced visco sity wit hsharply increased concentrat ion of point defects. This zone provides the high extru sion velocity. Presented model confirms that the Severe Plastic Deformat ion (SPD) in KoBo may be treated as non-equilibrium phase transition of abrupt drop of viscosity in rather well defined spatial zone. In this ver y zone, an intensive lateral rotational movement proceeds togethe r with generat ion of point defects which in self-organized manner make rotation possible by the decrease of viscosity. The special pr operties of material under Ko Bo version of SPD can be described without using the concepts of nonequilibrium grain boundaries, ballistic jumps and amorphization. The model can be extended to include different SPD processes.

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