Relaxation of thermal concentration-uctuations in ternary liquids

Desre, P. J. and Gusak, A. M. (2001) Relaxation of thermal concentration-uctuations in ternary liquids. Philosophical magazine A, Т. 81 (№ 10). pp. 2503-2514.


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Many small-angle neutron experiments have proven that concentration-uctuations develop in liquid alloys. The present work is devoted to the study of the relaxation of these concentration-uctuations. The mathematics associated with the analysis is close to the normal mode treatment of lattice vibrations. When applied to a ternary liquid exhibiting strong heteroatomic bonding between two components having high atomic mobilities, a long-lived clustering mode of relaxation and a short-lived substitutional mode are defined. It is found that the long-lived clustering relaxation mode is generated from a concentration-uctuation which is also the most probable. This gives physical meaning to the socalled `clustering’ in liquids where atomic cohesion is governed by metallic bonding. The possible in-uence of these long-lived clusters on crystalline nucleation is also discussed.

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