Student peer performance evaluation of implementation for group work enhancement

Orlova, N. (2019) Student peer performance evaluation of implementation for group work enhancement. Science and Education a New Dimension. Pedagogy and Psychologi, VII (№ 207). pp. 26-30.

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In the context of cooperative or group-based learning, student peer performance evaluation can serve a useful instrument because it has a beneficial effect on both the learning process and learning outcomes. It increases students’ involvement in the learning process, promotes development of students’ autonomy and responsibility. Unfortunately, student peer performance evaluation has not been implemented into the system of higher education in Ukraine. In order to introduce this form of evaluation to Ukrainian universities, it is required to develop tools for students to acquaint them with it, to obtain knowledge of students’ views and attitudes towards it and then, train students using the correctly developed instruments. Thus, the aim of the work is to develop tools for collecting information on students’ perspectives of peer performance evaluation as a part of the process of teaching-learning English for Specific Purposes. The article has considered the role and place of peer performance evaluation in education, especially its significance in the context of group/team work. The author has generalised and systematised data necessary to design the instruments that can ensure successful implementation of student peer performance evaluation in the process of teaching English for Specific P urposes. As a result, statements for Likert-like Scale Questionnaires have been assumed and formulated to amass data concerning the ways students view the value of the aspects to be evaluated. The questionnaire will cover not only academic factors. It will also include productivity and social and organisational constructs. Moreover, the questions for the semi-structured interview to collect qualitative data have been proposed and formulated. To sum up, it is important to highlight that in case of correctly formulated statements for obtaining peer performance evaluation from the students, members of the same group, and proper implementation of student peer performance evaluation in the educational process in the higher education system in Ukraine, this type of evaluation will be an effective tool that will help improve both the educational process and its outcomes, while fostering the competences required in the further professional life in university students.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: assessment ; student peer performance evaluation ; cooperative learning ; group-based learning ; English for Specific Purposes ; higher education
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