Interrelation of depletion and segregation in decomposition of nanoparticles

Gusak, A. M. and Kovalchuk, A. O. and Straumal, B. B. (2013) Interrelation of depletion and segregation in decomposition of nanoparticles. Philosophical Magazine. pp. 37-41.


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An analytical description of the interrelation of depletion, segregation and decomposition of a binary alloy in a nanosystem is presented. Size-induced shift of the decomposition cupola appears to be a sum of two terms. The first (related to depletion caused by new phase formation) is inversely proportional to the size R to the power of 3=4. The second (related to segregation at external surface) represents the traditional 1/R dependence. Size-induced ‘splitting’ of the decomposition cupola is also predicted and analytically described.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: decomposition ; nucleation ; depletion ; segregation ; thermodynamics ; nanostructure ; size effect
Subjects: Фізико-математичні науки
Divisions: Навчально-науковий інститут інформаційних та освітніх технологій
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Date Deposited: 16 Apr 2020 19:05
Last Modified: 16 Apr 2020 19:05

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