Role of non-equilibr ium vacancies in spinodal decomposition

Tyutyunnyk, N. V. and Gusak, A. M. (2012) Role of non-equilibr ium vacancies in spinodal decomposition. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, Т. 57 (№ 6). pp. 628-635. ISSN 2071-0194

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The standard Cahn–Hilliard mo d el of spino dal decomp o sition has an essential fault, b ecause it uses the approximation of equilibrium vacancies, which is va lid only for pro cesses with a characteristic length larger than the mean free path of vacancies. A pro cedure for the co nsid era tion of a non-equilibrium redistribution of vacancies at the spino dal decomp osition and its inflence on the decomp osition kinetics is prop osed. The hierarchy of characteristic times for the evolution of the morphology and the concentration is analyzed for a two-dimensional system.

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