Global Trends in the Development of Labour Markets and Employment in the Focus of Innovation Change

Пасєка, С. Р. (2019) Global Trends in the Development of Labour Markets and Employment in the Focus of Innovation Change. The 8th International Conference on Monitoring, Modeling Management of Emergent Economy, 65.


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Abstract. The article focuses on the main trends of innovation change effects on the labour markets and employment, value and mental characteristics, relation formation, regulation mechanisms, competitive relations, the distribution of rights and movement freedom, leading the formation of a new era of “the planet man” development. The world trends in the development of the labour markets and employment are analyzed. The ratification dynamics of international regulatory legal documents in the field of the world employment in 2006-2017 is investigated. Over 8,000 ratifications are found to be carried out by different states in 2017. This indicator increased constantly, gaining the highest rate acceleration in 2011-2012. Based on the United Nations Human Development Report, the polarization of the world's countries in terms of employment and unemployment (including among young people) is studied, with shares of employees less than $ 3.10 of PPP per day. The lack of a direct correlation between the Human Development Index and the employment rate is established: the highest employment rate is found for a group of countries with a low index; it means that the improvement of the state employment policy should be oriented towards qualitative indicators. The structure of the employed by status is analyzed. On average, 54.8% of the world employed population is found to work on the basis of employment, and the higher the level of state development, the higher the proportion of such individuals. The analysis of GDP indicator per capita employed shows the high polarization of the modern world: the difference between countries with high- and low-income levels is about 25 times; this indicator for Ukraine is 47% of the world average and 18% of high-income countries. As a generalization of the analysis, the main problems of the development of the global labour market are considered and ways of their solution are proposed.

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