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Characteristics of threats to economic security of financialinstitutions in Ukraine

Zachosova, N. (2016) Characteristics of threats to economic security of financialinstitutions in Ukraine. Керівництво. Wydawnictwo Wyzszej Szkoly Technicznej, Катовіца.


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The modern stage of socio-economic development is characterized by growing complexity of objects and management systems, by increasing of complex challenges in all spheres of human activity. Sustainable development involves the simultaneous solution of diverse and in many ways controversial issues of economic growth while maintaining the quality of the environment, assessed, first of all, from the standpoint of environmental and social sector. In these circumstances the generalization, supplement and implementation of new approaches to the development of socio-economic systems appear relevant and timely tasks. The understanding and the analysis of information nature of economic systems led to the study of socio-economic developmen on the basis of the information approach. This monograph is devoted to the discussion and solution of these problems.

Тип елементу : Монографія (Керівництво)
Неконтрольовані ключові слова: Загрози економічній безпеці ; фінансові установи ; Україна
Теми: Економічні науки
Підрозділи: Навчально-науковий інститут економіки і права
Користувач, що депонує: Наукова Бібліотека
Дата внесення: 24 Трав 2016 11:50
Останні зміни: 24 Трав 2016 11:50
URI: http://eprints.cdu.edu.ua/id/eprint/542

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